Pat Flanigan Photography & PhotoBooks | Day 5 - Banos - June 22

Day 5 - Banos - June 22

July 07, 2018

We left the rainforest today and drove to the small town of Banos, which in Spanish means "shower" (not bathroom as commonly believed). The best stop on the way was a beautiful waterfall called El Pallon del Diablo (devil's cauldron).  It was a crowded tourist attraction but still fun to experience.

When we got to Banos, we visited  a place that uses palm nuts to create "vegetable ivory" figurines. Tagua is what they call the ivory substitute. 

After the demonstration, we had free time in Banos. Parker and Thomas chose to bungee jump off a bridge! Later they told us it was the most terrifying thing they'd ever done, but they were glad they did it.  Photos and a video were included in the price.  Here's Thomas:

And here's Parker:


Here are some photos I took while walking around Banos looking for chocolate.

We loved our hotel in Banos, Hacienda Leito. Beautiful scenery abounds.

The link to all my Ecuador photos: