Pat Flanigan Photography & PhotoBooks | Day 4 - Amazon - June 21

Day 4 - Amazon - June 21

July 08, 2018

We were back in our boots early in the morning for a really great hike in the Amazon's Misicocha Private Nature Reserve.  There was a zipline chair ride and a bridge to cross. We learned a lot about plants and animals along the way.

After lunch we got to board balsa wood rafts and row along  the Napa River. We couldn't bring cameras, but it was a memorable experience, especially when Wilson threw the boys overboard and dared me to follow them (which I did).  

After fun on the river, our group split up for optional activities. The boys went to the Canopy Adventure Park - no pictures, but they said it was fun.  Linda and I went to a cocoa farm where we enjoyed a dance performance. (A couple in our group were volunteered to join the dance.) Then we learned how cocoa beans are processed. The plants are yellow like the ones we'd already seen or they are red like the ones growing on trees here.  We took turns grinding the seeds into powder which was then cooked.

Next we went the AmaZOOonica Rescue Center where we saw animals native to the Amazon. Some were in cages and some wandered freely.

As we were riding in canoes back to the hotel, Wilson spotted a monkey on the river bank and lured more of them with banana on a stick.  It was a treat to watch them.


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