Pat Flanigan Photography & PhotoBooks | Day 3 - Amazon - June 20

Day 3 - Amazon - June 20

July 09, 2018

I'll begin with some of the gorgeous scenery on our drive toLa Punta Ahuano on the Napo River in the Amazon rainforest.

We boarded a canoe to get to the beautiful Casa del Suizo.

In the afternoon we set out in canoes for our first rainforest experience.

This is the plant cocoa beans come from!

We visited the home of a local Quechua family to learn about their life in the rainforest.

There were a bunch of volunteers trying to hit a target with a homemade blowgun that indigenous people use for hunting.

Last but not least, Wilson offered us the opportunity to taste a living, squirming insect of some sort that he said locals love. Of course it was Thomas and Parker who were volunteered for the challenge.

Then it was back to the Casa del Suizo for another lovely evening after a delightful day.

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