Pat Flanigan Photography & PhotoBooks | Day 1 - Tour of Quito - June 18

Day 1 - Tour of Quito - June 18

July 14, 2018

Our morning began with a tour of the colonial section of Quito, a city founded in the 16th century on Inca ruins. We were just beginning to know our guide, Wilson, and the other people in our group of sixteen: a family of four from Utah with daughters aged 22 and 8; a couple from Sacramento; two female teachers from Texas, a very fit young nurse from Philadelphia, a well-traveled young woman from Florida, and a couple from Colorado. The group proved to be congenial and fun; and our guide was exceptional - great sense of humor, kind, attentive, enthusiastic, well-organized, generous, and as an indigenous rainforest dweller in his childhood, an expert on everything in Ecuador. The boys thought he was great, and I think we all agreed we could not have had a better trip leader.

The Basilica Del Voto Nationale was extremely impressive - gothic in style like Notre Dames.


Wilson has Linda modeling a scarf - looking so good several women in our group bought scarves, including Linda. 

Wilson introduced us to this local artist who sold a lot of us his paintings - including the four of us.

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