Pat Flanigan Photography & PhotoBooks | Day 1 - On to Otavalo - June 18

Day 1 - On to Otavalo - June 18

July 12, 2018

After a lunch stop with music, we drove on Otavalo. We loved our hotel on a lake - Cabanas del Lago.  We were high in the Andes mountains so it was cool. There were fireplaces in our rooms and when we returned to them after dinner, wood fires were blazing. There were also hot water bottles in our beds - a lovely treat.

After a delightful orientation where we learned more about our travel mates and a great dinner,  Wilson volunteered Parker to dress up in an Ecuadorian outfit.  Parker was such a great sport, and it was fun for all of us. Unfortunately, I didn't think to bring my camera, and the light was too low for my cell phone to do a good job.

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