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Special Friend

January 18, 2018

Betty & I met as college freshmen and we're still having fun together nearly sixty years later.  She raised her family on the East coast and I raised mine on the West coast, so for a long time we mostly kept in touch with lots of letters and occasional phone calls.  When she and her husband, Jerry, retired in California, we began traveling together - Paris, Turkey, Croatia, India, Mexico, Africa (three times), Italy, Cuba, England, Costa Rica, Australia and many places in the U.S. including Yellowstone, San Fransisco, Oregon, Death Valley, Anzo Borrega, Denver, Sierras, Scottsdale, Arizona and our wonderful road trip from Utah to Santa Fe that included Zion, Bryce, the Grand Canyon and more.  This time her visit to San Diego was timed to include seeing Hamilton with me. And what a great show it was!