Pat Flanigan Photography & PhotoBooks | Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017

January 16, 2018

Christmas was really special for us this year. The four Bensons and the four Clines joined the five Folsoms and us for the first Christmas together ever! It was the first time we've all been together in San Diego since we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in August 2015.  The Bensons slept at our house and the Clines rented a place at Mission Bay (where we all spent lots of time).  We didn't manage a big family photo shoot like we did in 2015, but I do have lots of cell phone pics to share.  We had Christmas Eve dinner at our house and spent Christmas Day at the compound and the beach. There was plenty of action including volleyball, surfing, spike ball, darts, biking, rollerskating, basketball, and bocce ball. One thing none of us will forget is Cedar winning $1,000 on the slot machine in the condo the Clines rented. Escapology was a new experience for the kids and we had a cool fire pit circle one evening.  Joining the fun that week were the rest of the compound folks, Monica Heeren, and Rod's sister Brenda and her family who also rented a condo at Mission Bay. The only downside to the week was that lots of us were not 100% healthwise as some kind of bug was definitely being passed around. Biff was especially slowed down. 


I've created a 9 minute slide show with music at this link: Click on slideshow and then click on the X in the top right corner for a totally black background. To flip through the pics instead of enjoying the slideshow, click on the first photo and then cycle through via arrows at the right side.