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Summer Photos

September 02, 2017

We celebrated 3 Leo birthdays - Emilie, Linda and Monica

Biff earned this shirt, a gift from Libby.  How sweet it was of her to think of it after Biff made sure Amy's car was up to the trip to Boise where she attends Boise State.

I baked lemon squares and took cell phone pics to prove it. Very rare occurrence and not likely to happen again!


Emilie and the Folsoms' dog, Daisy


3 Folsom kids in Catalina

Biff enjoying some fresh air 

Folsom Kids ready for school year - Chloe - grade 9, Davey - grade 12, Emilie - not yet off to Cal Poly for junior year, and Parker - grade 10

Monica and I drove one car, Emilie & a friend drove another. We made our way to San Luis Obispo and helped get Emilie settled into the house she's renting with five other girls.  Here's Emilie with 3 shopping carts filled with stuff for the house and her room. She's lucky to have her own room and bathroom. Very nice.

The three of us stayed two nights at the crazy Madonna Inn - fun!