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Mistwood School

June 11, 2017

Mistwood is a small private K-8 school that has been home away from home for River and Cedar since finishing pre-school. One of the Mistwood traditions is to celebrate each child's birthday with a small ceremony that includes comments about the birthday child from teachers and classmates. The one time Biff came to Arcata with me, we attended River's Mistwood birthday celebration. That was the year River turned six. I was there again when Cedar turned nine, and now this time I was there for River's 14th birthday. It's so affirming for the birthday child and so gratifying for his or her family to hear the kind, enthusiastic comments from peers. You can't force kids to be complimentary - their comments are heartfelt. Part of the tradition includes the birthday child sharing treats from home, and this year, Carrie (Nana to River and Cedar) baked luscious lemon squares that were a big hit. This post includes a photo of Carrie and Mike, the grandparents who live right across the street from Beth and Mike and the boys.There's also a photo of River with the co-directors of the school who are also head teachers.

Kids at Mistwood learn French, and on the last day of school, their graduation day, the graduates become French chefs, speaking in French as they cook. I have a two minute video of most of River's performance at this link:

River - French chefRiver - French chef River's group cooking in FrenchRiver's group cooking in French

Parents who run a clothing business volunteer at Mistwood. They teach the kids to sew!  River and Cedar both made ponchos. Cedar especially loves wearing his, and it's remarkably well done.

Cedar wearing serape he sewed at schoolCedar wearing serape he sewed at school

Beth teaches art classes at Mistwood. On the last day of school, while I was waiting for the French chefs to begin cooking, I watched younger kids doing a self-portrait art project.

students in Beth's art classstudents in Beth's art class student in Beth's art classstudent in Beth's art class