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June 30, 2017

A perfect summer day inspired me to figure out a way to have my morning coffee, read, and socialize outdoors without walking "all the way down" the steps to our patio table. This impulse led me to Pier One, Target and Home Goods - and voila! The deck right outside our kitchen sliding door is now a comfortable seating area. (For years this deck area has had nothing on it but a few potted plants.)  This new look led to another new seating area on our deck behind the back bedrooms. 

I took the photo below after Biff and I finished clearing weeds and  removing three large but straggly rose bushes. Biff took apart the old garden bridge that the kids played on so often when they were little, and we ordered a new one.  I planted five agapanthus. Next we went to a rock yard - what a selection of landscaping materials! We ordered two tons of rocks plus two boulders

I spent hours nailing weed cloth to the exposed dirt and Biff spent two afternoons assembling the new bridge. 

Two crates of rocks were delivered about ten am, and thanks to our crew (Davey. Parker, & Wes Windmiller), the work was finished in time for lunch.


We're really happy with the way this garden centerpiece turned out.  

Biff surprised me by spray painting a rusty old bird garden sculpture for a happy accent.

In keeping with our goal to fix up the backyard with low maintenance as a major priority, I made use of the left over rocks.  We still have work to do, but now I'm looking forward to it. After many years as an avid gardener, I lost interest as photography and travel became my passions. Biff has been the one to keep things from getting terribly out of control out there. But now I think I'm back!