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Washington, DC

November 07, 2017

I did something new this visit. I took a one-day bus trip to Washington, DC. and I'm glad I did. The ride was pleasant, the tour guide was excellent and the sights were ones I really wanted to see, especially the Vietnam Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, and the Washington and Lincoln monuments. We even had a couple of free hours in the afternoon, so I chose to check out an exhibit at the beautiful Hirshorn Modern Art Museum.  The guide had told us about the Wei Wei exhibit of around 200 activists' portraits from all over the world. What was astonishing about the portraits was all of them being created from legos. Plus the exhibit was on the floor, not on the walls.  The day started at 7 am, and we got back to Manhattan about 9:30 - a really nice experience.

Graves of the Kennedys

Korean War Memorial