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Visiting the Bensons in NYC

November 09, 2017

It had been two years since my last visit to NYC, so I was happy to spend time there in October even though the week went really fast. I'm starting with a photo of Thomas because it is, unbelievably, the ONLY photo I took of him. Thomas is in his last year of high school and really busy.  I'm determined to get more photos of him when the Bensons visit us for Christmas in San Diego. 

Next comes Peter practicing piano at home, followed by Peter playing piano at a museum with a music exhibit. Then comes Peter in two Halloween outfits - Harry Potter for school and Ironman for trick-or-treating in their building. Peter tried roller skating for the first time at Pier Two and loved it. Because he's good at iceskating, he had no problem with the rented inline roller skates. After the skating, Rod, Peter and I walked across a very crowded Brooklyn Bridge  to join Kelly for dinner. A special treat was that Daniel Flanigan joined us too. He is just finishing his PhD at Columbia and planning to move to Paris in January. No photo, unfortunately.

Below is a short video of Peter playing at the museum.

Below is a short video of the skating scene - Peter & Rod