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Bear Mountain

November 08, 2017

Kelly & Rod rented a car so we could "get out of the city" on the weekend I was there. Our destination was Storm King Mountain State Park in Cornwall-on-the-Hudson, less than two hours away. I'd never been there before. Enormous sculptures appear frequently as one walks, bikes, or rides the tram around the park. I left my camera in the car because we planned to rent bikes, but all the bikes were rented by the time we got there. It was a treat to just walk around on such a beautiful fall day. On the way to Storm King, we stopped for a walk around Hessian Lake (above and below) by the Bear Mountain Inn.  That's the place I waitressed after my freshman and sophomore college years. Most importantly, it's where Biff and I met!  He started spending summers at Bear Mountain as a teenager. For years he participated in football camps there and also sold food at hot dog stands by the lakes. Once he had a driver's license, he drove a Good Humor truck selling ice-cream to families at the lakes.  At twenty-one, and all through law school, he spent summers and many weekends bartending at the Inn.  Needless to say, he has many great memories of the place, and so do I.  The two of us liked to walk around Hessian Lake late at night after our restaurant shifts, but that was 54 years ago!

We stopped at the Bear Mountain Inn again after our lovely Storm King afternoon and had dinner.