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November 26, 2017

My last entry was about a visit with our nephew Daniel and Charlotte who were out here from NYC camping in Joshua Tree. Charlotte had already been camping for two weeks (before Daniel arrived) with several of her siblings from Paris. Baptiste is Charlotte's brother, and he is bravely making his way in the USA on his own until December 6 when he returns to Paris.  We encouraged him to come to San Diego and he did! Below he is with new friends at the compound: Nick and Curtis who drove Baptiste down with them from LA (arranged by the Folsoms,  including Colleen who is pictured with the boys below).  We've all enjoyed having him here for his first Thanksgiving



I took Baptiste to the airport to begin his San Francisco adventure. Eventually, he made his way down the coast to San Luis Obispo where he spent one day visiting Emilie before heading back to LA for his flight home on Dec. 6th.