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2017 Homecoming Game

October 19, 2017

Davey's last high school homecoming game - and how he loves football.  Biff and I and Davey's other fans have enjoyed this season immensely, so I was sorry to miss this particular game because of being in Sedona. Emilie came home from college for it, so it was disappointing to miss her as well.  I'm posting some cell phone pics taken after the game. In the one below all the kids have known each other since birth. First comes Lindsay, oldest daughter of Monica's best friend since high school, Libby. Then comes Amy, Libby's second daughter, who was born the same month & year as Emilie. Next, Hannah, oldest daughter of Monica's friend since college, Leasa, then Davey, then Shawn, oldest son of another of Monica's friends since college, Shannon.  Next to Shawn is Wesley, Libby's son who is a junior this year and also a football player. Last but not least, Emilie and Parker.

I love this photo of Biff with Monica.

Proud parents - Monica & Dave

Davey with his buddy Jack

The Folsom Five

Day after Homecoming - Davey & Parents at USD 

Davey, Parker & Chloe