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Baja, Mexico - Day 8

March 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

On our last day in Baja, Betty and I were out by 5:45 am taking our last photos of the desert. The sunrise wasn't too impressive, but when the early morning sun shines on the landscape, it really looks magical.

After breakfast, we left the hotel at 8:30 for our long drive back to San Diego. We made one scheduled photo stop to climb a hill to a cave with primitive paintings. Then it was steady driving except for lunch, etc. We were extremely lucky at the border with virtually no wait time despite Jim preparing us for a delay there of an hour or more.

We had some showers on the drive back, so I'm pleased to present my very last photos before we reached the border: a double rainbow.


What a wonderful trip. Although the whales were certainly the highlight, I enjoyed everything else about this adventure as well. Jim Cline could not have done a better job as our leader. Betty & I both want to travel with Jim again in the future. And I am! I'll be in Peru with Jim's group on May 6. Betty can't go because her granddaughter has the lead in her senior play, Mary Poppins, on that very day, and of course Betty can't miss that. We canceled our OAT trip to Machu Picchu in 2014 so I'm thrilled to be going now.

My next few posts show some of the photos others on the trip sent to our group. I'm delighted to have photos of me with whales because it is an experience I will never forget.


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