Traveling in Austria - June 2015

May 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Last month, in June 2015, I traveled to Austria with my friend Rita. We flew into Vienna where we stayed in the same hotel for eight nights. Our plan was to explore Vienna on our own and perhaps take a couple of day trips to villages outside the city. This turned out to be a wonderful strategy, and I enjoyed every single day.

I think my practice of blogging at night after sightseeing all day is over. This time I didn't even bring my laptop. I've been putting this blog together since I got home and am finally finished. As with all my trips, having the memories readily available to me in the months and years ahead is important to me. I love this way of reminiscing about my travels. Links to various destinations are listed on the travel page of this website:

My blog begins with the only photo I have of Rita and me together. I took the photo while standing in front of a mirror set up for just this purpose.

I also have a page of Austria galleries containing more photos at this link:

This page offers larger photos, and a slideshow option is available for each gallery.





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