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Paris - why not begin with a photo that captures much of what we think of when this fabulous city comes to mind:  the Eiffel Tower, beautiful bridges, bateau rides on the Seine, elegant architecture.  Maybe I should begin with a picture of the boulangerie right across the street from the Bensons' apartment because that's the place I went to most frequently during this visit (in pursuit of baguettes and pain raisin). Alas, my mind was on breakfast, and I never thought to take a photo of the place.

I'm publishing this Paris blog a couple of weeks after returning. It was interesting to compare elegant Paris to colorful Prague

This time my visit to Paris began near the Eiffel Tower (Tracadero side). A two-night stay at the Etoile Tracadero hotel was included in the "Prague & Paris" package I bought.  I timed the hotel stay to end the day Kelly and six year old Peter arrived from NYC to join Rod at an apt. rental in the 5th arr.  Rod had already begun his teaching gig with students from NYU and AUP (American Univ. in Paris).

So I basically had one day to myself in Paris before Kelly & Peter arrived.  It was kind of a no-brainer to begin by walking over to the Eiffel Tower which took five or six minutes. It was early and I was the only person there at first.   Renovation of the tower is underway so scaffolding appears in some of my photos, unfortunately.  I wanted to come back at night with the tripod I packed, but it didn't happen.  Rod came over to join me for dinner, but it gets dark so late in summer (after 10 pm) that I didn't want to ask him to wait around and join me.  And I didn't feel comfortable with my expensive equipment out alone late at night.  So, here are a few of the Eiffel Tower pictures I did make:

Busy photo, but part of the tower is reflected here:




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