New Zealand - Pat & Linda's Adventure Begins

October 22, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

We landed in Auckland, New Zealand on October 22, 2012.  it was a cool, drizzly morning.  Linda and I'd both slept quite a bit on our long overnight flight from LAX, so having to entertain ourselves until our hotel room would be ready around three o'clock did not present a problem; we were feeling good, and we were excited about seeing the city. First we discovered it was Bank Day (their version of Labor Day), so most businesses were closed.  Once we arrived at the harbor, though, we were quickly caught up in the last day of the International Triathalon.  We'd missed the bicycling and the swimming (in treacherous, freezing waters apparently), but we were there for some of the 10 K race.  Over 3,500 athletes were competing from many countries (including USA) in a wide range of categories. We were impressed by the support of the crowd for every runner, not just their own Kiwis.


When I saw these two young boys playing their instruments, I couldn't resist taking a quick shot.  Afterwards, I noticed the blue basket for donations - pretty young to be buskers!  There was a lady and a dog on the bench that you can't fully see in the picture who I guess are part of the family too.

I snapped photos of various landmarks that caught my eye as we roamed around Auckland that first day.





Behind a harbor building, there's a view of our hotel for our four nights in Auckland, the Rendezvous Grand.  The most photogenic hotel feature, I thought, was the neon blue escalator.




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