Chicago - April 2012

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One of Chicago's icons...I probably took two dozen photos of this popular sculpture that's been nicknamed The BEAN.  And I'm posting another popular sculpture below this one.  What a fabulous city!  Linda and I loved it and we really packed a lot into our time there.  

Millenium Park where The Bean is located didn't even exist when I last visited Chicago.  That was in 1995 when Kelly spent the summer working in Chicago for the ACLU and Monica and I made a stop there to visit her on our road trip across the country from South Carolina to California.  Dave joined us for a weekend there as well, and what I remember is that a record breaking heat wave was going on.  This time the weather varied from mild to cool to cold, from sunny to cloudy, from windy to calm - but there was, fortunately, none of the rain that was predicted.

Highlights of the trip included a reunion with my high school friend Merilyn, an architecture tour by boat, and the Chicago Art Institute.  One day we took the EL to nearby Oak Park where we enjoyed a gorgeous neighborhood that included a tour of a home built by Frank Lloyd Wright (which he lived and worked in for twenty years with his wife and six kids).  We enjoyed the Navy Pier (a short distance from our hotel), the planetarium, the city shopping, and the view from the 95th floor of the John Hancock building.  The city looked wonderful - lots of flowers to say nothing of spectacular architecture, the river, and Lake Michigan which looked like the Caribbean - so blue was it some days and so vast.

I hope to post more Chicago entries; and I've yet to finish processing photos from our visit with Beth and the boys. Plus it's time to get ready for Turkey.  I go to NYC on May 1 and leave for Turkey from there.



Merilyn and Jim treated Linda and me to a lovely dinner at the Russian Tea Room, and then we joined them at their hotel, the Palmer House, which was across the street.  Meri and I hadn't seen each other since 1995.  That was when Monica and I spent a night at their home in the suburbs of Chicago.

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